Charming Cave

Gua Raya…Ever heard about it? Nope, right… This Gua Raya is located at Kampung Skuduk and Kampung Chupak, somewhere around Kuching-Serian road. A lot of people may heard about these two ‘kampongs’, but not many knows that this kampongs have their priceless treasure, the Gua Raya. The meaning of Gua Raya as per said by one of the kampong folks, that it means ‘Big Cave’, because inside is big and once upon a time was a hiding places of communists, and there is some history hidden in it. Ooops!!! Forget to mention, the cave name is actually according to BAHASA BIDAYUH LANGUAGE…The kampong people are Bidayuh ethnic…

Well, let me share to you this beautiful cave have fulfill my weekends with my colleagues and beloved hubby..(the cave is sooo dark, but luckily we have a very good camera)..

The maping


Inside the Cave




See how amazing it is? This cave is suitable for Adventure Caving, as in the cave a lot of big rocks to climb and don’t forget your gloves!!

^_^ OoOo

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