In love with Mount Santubong

Next day, after caving, it’s Sunday!! Early morning get ready and set up to move for our other activity, Exploring The Mount Santubong. Located at the Damai Beach area(yes, this mountain is near the beautiful and charming Damai Beach!!), you may take option either to hike up to the tip of this challenging mountain or just strolling at the trail(trekking). We manage to get there earlier if my boss didn’t ask us to drop by for a while to order a condolences flower bouquet for her old friend…And as a result, we reach Santubong foothill at 11.30 am, it’s almost noon, and feels crazy to hike up there at this very hot time!! But i and colleagues and also beloved hubby started our journey. Yeah, we think we will hike until the extend that we can, and then turn back again before 2.30pm…Whewww!! That is too short time, especially we use the longer trail, either than the shorter trail. But this is our first time, and i was getting excited!!!! Wooohoooohoooo!!!

Here is some of our hiking and camping photos…

One of the starting point.. You will be charged RM8 per person for entrance.Image

In the Trail




Unfortunately, we have to stop hike up, because the time is almost 2.30pm, so we went down again and have a rest and take a dip in this cooling water, while the guys preparing the BBQ!!! ^_^




Eventhough i haven’t complete my hiking at Mount Santubong this time, i will come back again next time to conquer the tip of Mount Santubong….  ^_^ Somehow somewhat, we ENJOY this trip!!


One comment on “In love with Mount Santubong

  1. Thank you for taking us on your hike. WELCOME! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and I hope you enjoy the photos I take on my journey through retirement years.


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