41 hours courses in less than 4days!!

Today is 1st day for our course of Sarawak Incentive Tourist Guide Enhancement program. A bit of introduction about the courses been told today. And there is still more topics to be cover in next days. Well, I’m don’t wanna talking about the course actually, but i’m here to share the knowledge that i get today, at least some information that even myself as Tourist Guide not aware about it. 

1. Malaysia is 19th in world ranking of Global Peace Index

2. Malaysia goes to 2nd ranking for Asia’s peace(st) country after Japan..

Well, some of this info that some of us didn’t know about it yet actually..And this means, CoMe..cOmE…let’s visit Malaysia!! ;p

Huarghh!!! It’s 11pm already.. Time to get sleep now..(tomorro course start at 7.30am!!)

Till next nite guys!! See ya.. ^_^ 


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