Meeeooowww!!!…It’s a Gastro of Kuchingites ^_^ (PART 1)

Hello everybody!!

Here again, after a long retiring year of 2014, here i am again!!

Ooohh!! Did i forgot to mention to you all, i am one of the happy happy Kuchingites, with a happy happy tummy!!

Yeah, in Kuching (well, do you know where it is? Kuching is a capital city in Sarawak, Borneo. It’s one of the most charming city with a romance histories and buildings, of course!!) we all eat healthily, happily and yummily(oops!!).. You may see by yourself some of our gastro’s center, be it from a foodcourt style to a high class restaurant..

And most important is it is HALAL(no pork & with a trusted source).. Let’s entourage all the picture below..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

… be continued


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