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Hello everybody!! Here again, after a long retiring year of 2014, here i am again!! Ooohh!! Did i forgot to mention to you all, i am one of the happy happy Kuchingites, with a happy happy tummy!! Yeah, in Kuching … Continue reading

Kubah Week 2013

Again, a long time i start to doesn’t have my time to type  on this keyboard.. Less time of course, and too busy with works, night class and other things.. Really hoping that my night class will end sooner!!

Tonight i didn’t attend my night class, too tired though..coz this morning i and my hubby join the Sarawak Biodiversity staffs and some Sarawak Forestry Officers on a trekking discovering the leftover of Brooke’s Bungalow and to the lost temple of Matang Sri Maha Mariamman Temple(hope i got the right spelling) as a part of KUBAH WEEK 2013 activities…

Arch of Sri Maha Mariamman

Arch of Sri Maha Mariamman

109 stairs up to temple

109 stairs up to temple

The Temple

The Temple

Why are there a lots of people there today? (25 April 2013)

According to the Hindu people that i met here, they are celebrating the deity’s day… And this ceremony starts from morning till night time, where tonight is actually FULL MOON will appear..

So now, the history of this Mount Matang Sri Maha Mariamman Temple…(credits to facebook/Mount Matang Sri MahaMariamman)

Take note that this is the OLDEST HINDU TEMPLE IN SARAWAK!! ^_^


The history of the Hindu Temple in Mount Matang is interlinked directly with the arrival of the forefathers of the present day Indian of Sarawak. Though the artifacts of Hindu religious symbols at the Sarawak Museum indicate the presence of the community in Sarawak for a period exceeding a thousand years, the forefathers of the present day Sarawakians of origin owe their existence in Sarawak principally to South Indian and Sri Lankan tea and coffee plantation workers brought to Sarawak in the second half of the Nineteenth Century.

According to official records, Indian convicts had been banished to work in Sarawak in the Mid-Nineteenth Century. The Matang Coffee Estate was opened by the Sarawak Government in 1867. The estate was managed on the lines of similar estates in Sri Lanka by a Superintendent, Mr. Anderson who had wide experience in managing estates in Sri Lanka. Tamil workers from Sri Lanka and South India were brought in from time to time. According to third generation survivors of persons born in Matang, 2,000 coolies were shipped to work in the estate from India and Sri Lanka. The early settlers were predominantly Hindu but found no place of worship. The settlers then got together and built the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in the Coffee Estate.

The records indicate that at that time, there were three sanitaria, one of which was the Matang Coffee Estate. The Rajah and Ranee have been recorded as staying in the Coffee Estate for about three weeks in 1870. Visitors to the Bungalow have described in glowing terms of the gentle gradient of the road contrived by the Superintendent to the Rajah’s Bungalow. “The Rajah’s garden is arranged on terraces cut in the slope of the hill; there the roses bloom magnificently and the jasmine attains a luxuriance I have not yet seen. All the different flowers we have in Sarawak seem to thrive remarkably well” describes the visitor. The Coffee Estate was supported by Coffee garden planted by three dayak villages of  Sirambu, Bumbok and Peninjau situated about 300 feet below the Bungalow.

By 1873, over 100,000 healthy plants were planted in the estate but the yield was “next to nothing”. By 1886, the Government Estate had diversified into tea and cinchona.

The recruitment of Indian Labour was formalized by the establishment of the Indian Immigration Department in June 1897. The first batch under the Indian Immigration Agent arrived in June 1897. The Matang plantations were abandoned in 1912. The Indian labourers were given the option of either returning to their country of origin or accept alternate jobs mainly with the Public Works Department. According to an article by Saiee Driss in Sarawak Gazette (30 June, 1979), the Bidayuh Community in Matang was aware of the existence of the temple but they did not realise that the Hindus were scouting for the ruins of the temple.

The temple’s location came to light when Abi bin Benggali, a Bidayuh/Melanau hunter had sought shelter in the temple in 1968 during a thunderstorm. He had taken an elephant statue home from the disused temple. He returned the statue the next day to the temple as the family members felt that the house was being subjected to a storm during the night. The news of this event spread to the Hindu residents in Matang. Soon, the Hindu Community renovated the dilapidated building overgrown with jungle trees and shrubs and cleared the pathway to the temple from the foothills.

The temple was re-opened for prayers on 4 December 1970. At the request of the Matang Hindu residents, the temple was taken over by the Hindu Temple Association in 1976 and has been administered by this Association through a special Mount Matang Mariamman Temple Committee since that date. ”

Quite interesting actually about this temple, because unlike the Batu Caves, which was famous for the highest cave in Malaysia, i think this one can beat it, because along the way to the temple, you have to hike up about 2.5km and about 2hours to reach the temple..and don’t forget about the nature, small waterfalls and watersource area and huge trees shadowing your way and LEECHES too!! Yes, there are leeches, but luckily i didn’t get bite by any of  it.. ^_^’

Now, just enjoy the photos that i and my hubby had taken on our journey with other participants..

starting point at Mount Matang foothill

starting point at Mount Matang foothill



English: A sarawakian-malay kampung house.

English: A sarawakian-malay kampung house. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A man from at the Central Market in ,...

English: A man from at the Central Market in , Malaysia, playing the sapeh, a stringed instrument similar to a . He was there to promote the Sarawak Cultural Village and the Rainforest Music Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m on this today… Well, did i mention to you all that i’m on a part-time course for my Tourist Guide licencing? Ya, i’m on it since last January 2013, which is a month ago. Well, i have to pay a sum of money of course, and i have to attend a night class from 7pm – 10pm everyday!! I’m study after working hours!! Sounds exhausting, right? It is, but i enjoy it because of a very experience Tourist Guide which teach us for this course. So aside from the night class, we also do FIELD TRIP, which we going to several tourism attractions in Kuching and learn how to guide at the certain place.

So today, this morning i and other classmates and our tutor- Miss Rose Au were on a trip visiting SARAWAK CULTURAL VILLAGE, our Sarawakian’s pride. Its a living museum concept which Tun Dr Mahathir giving the idea, and it is set up in 1999.

This Sarawak Cultural Village is something that is wonderful and unique.

1. Because it’s LIVING MUSEUM concept, which you can find people in the houses of the ethnics of Sarawak, Borneo!!

2. You may learn a bit about the story and the culture and the delicacies (of course!!) of the ethnics.

3. You may sway in the music during the daily cultural performance show at the cool air-cond theatre, or if you are brave enough, join the last dance with the other audience…

Well, a word is not enough for all of this story about our pride.. I’m going to upload the photos that i take today…

O0O00pppsss!!! I left my pendrive in the office la!!! Oh gosh, so i have to upload tomorro night, you all…

Wait for my next update ya… ^_^ I’m sure u all can’t wait for it, right??? Till next time.. See ya!!! MMuuaaahhhhsss…..


Sarawak (Photo credit: Peter576)


Back in Action!!!

Hello everyone!!

Seems a very long time i didn’t type a single word in my page LOL!!

Today is 15th February and yesterday was 14th February……-The Valentine Day- for everyone.. Well, speaking about the Valentine Day, is actually i have my own opinion about it, and i do thinks so to others…


Some people say it out!!! “oh my lollipop!!! make my heart go giddy up…you are as sweet as candy…you are my sugar dandy…”(hihiihiii..out of topic…)

Actually, some people nowaday celebrate a valentine day as a celebration to their loved ones…So during this day, they will bring their loved ones to hang out to the cinema, giving chocolates, roses, and etc..

My 0pINiOn..

Hehehe..for me, i never celebrate Valentine Day on 14th February, ok!!! I and my love lollipop hubby have our lover day for EveRyDay!!!! Yes, we celebrate it EVERYDAY!!! Because for us, we will appreciate our loved ones for the whole of our LIFE, and not just for 1DAY!!!…

But everybody has their own opinion, right? And that’s MINE!!! ^_^
Until Next blog, EVERYonE!!! Chow for now..

Scrolling in the freshly pressed posts, my eye stuck on this.. Interesting..way to wordhacking… ^_^

make a powerful point

Dirty Harry speaks to a chair and overnight, Eastwooding enters the vocabulary. Eastwooding is an easy one, like Tebowing. Adding a gerund (an ing) to a noun is child’s play. More advanced wordhacks — Stephen Colbert elevating truthiness to a word of the year —  is an art form.

Making up new words (that’s neologisms for the wordanistas out there) isn’t a cyberspace invention. Although the Internet does seem to spawn more than its fair share. Literature has given us Scrooges, Polyannas and Snarks. Science and technology have given us lidar, Google and Photoshop.

Why do we do it? Much easier for people to grok what you’re talking about by smushing two words together like shoe and stupidity. For example:

“Shoepidity” – noun

“The act of wearing ridiculously uncomfortable shoes because – come on – they look incredible.” Example: “Girl those seven-inch Gaga heels you’re rocking are sheer 

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Toluna…join in…

Blog laman rasmi Komuniti Toluna Malaysia

Ahli yang Dihormati,

Kami amat berbesar hati mengumumkan bahawa pemenang peraduan istimewa iPad2 Asia Pasifik kami kini sudah disahkan! Pemenang bagi bulan September datangnya dari komuniti Korea & pemenang bagi bulan Oktober pula dari komuniti Jepun.

Temui pemenang bertuah dengan mengklik pada imej di bawah untuk mengakses profil mereka:

Kami mengucapkan terima kasih kepada semua yang telah menyertai peraduan ini dan membantu menjayakannya serta pastinya ucapan tahniah daripada kami semua di Toluna kepada pemenang akhir.

Usah tunggu lagi, tukar mata anda dalam cabutan hadiah untuk meningkatkan peluang menjadi pemenang bertuah bulan November!

Maklumkan juga kepada rakan & keluarga anda kerana setiap ahli baru akan mendapat menyertai Cabutan Hadiah secara automatik.

Terima kasih dan jumpa lagi di tapak web,

Pasukan Toluna

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