Majlis ‘Biruman Bisamah’ Pandelela..(Dinner Ceremony with Pandelela)

The Malaysian Bronze Girl

The Malaysian Bronze Girl (Photo credit: algenta101)

This evening i was sending my daughter back to my mum’s house in Bau Town.. On the way at the junction to Bau and Lundu, few banners and bunting picture of a girl that i know  was hang to the lamp posts on the left and right roadside attracts my eyes.. Guest who? It’s Pandelela Rinong!!! I read the words at the buntings and banner… ‘Majlis Biruman Bisamah Pandelela’..means Dinner Ceremony with Pandelela..ahah, it’s in Bahasa Bidayuh..And the dinner ceremony will be held tomorro, 27 August 2012, at Dewan Masyarakat Kampung Jugan, Bau…but i wonder, why didn’t they state the time of the dinner? From when to when? If it’s a private party or ceremony, then no need to put up the bunting there…Hmmm…i wonder..and I’M UPSET too!! Coz it’s tomorrow and i didn’t have my opportunity to see this young warrior tomorro!! Tomorro is working day already..and i didn’t have enough time to get there for the ceremony.. I wish i could be there and take a photo with her..But it’s ok..maybe next time.. (sad mode….)

Pandelela oh Pandelela…

Pandelela oh Pandelela..

24th August 2012..The world is still talking about this young girl.. Because of she already make a surprise to the world that she already get the Bronze Medal in the Olympic Games 2012 in London.. Not only the world, but the media is still tracking on her story.. And not only the media, but ME tooo!!! ^_^..

Few days ago, Pandelela Renong Pamg comes home to Kuching with her mother and father, arrived at Kuching International Airport and also been welcomed by the Ministry of Sarawak and the officers, paraded on an expensive car through all the way to Kuching and to the Astana for a bestowal by the Sarawak State Government to her. In the ceremony, she has been rewarded with MYR60,000 and full scholarship for her to continue her study in Australia.. It really worth her!!

Aside from the grand welcoming for this Bidayuh Bau girl, there is also a rumors and some bad talk-kind of political comments that state government(or our CM-Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud) should reward her with a shop lot for her to make business and whatsoever.. Hmmmm, i think if for me, i would rather take the full scholarship reward to further study rather than the shoplot, coz for me education is the first thing has to come out rather than that “business thing”..

Other than that, at the ceremony, other 2 divers that also from Sarawak-Brian Nickson Lomas and Tracy also gets their reward for their effort to compete in the Olympic games.

Last night, the press also comes up with the story of Pandelela and Dato’ Lee Chong Wei gets their MYR100,000 each for their medal winning in the Olympic games.. wOW!!!!

(pssttt!!! i think with the money, Pandelela can buy the 3 shoplots for her mum and dad!!) ^_^

Bahasa Bidayuh (Land Dayak Language) PART 1

Hi again for tonite!!

Waahh, i’m so excited to share to you all what i know guys!! This makes me remember one of my childhood ambition-TO BE A TEACHER!! ;p Haahaa.. Cannot become teacher, i just share my knowledge here lah!! Same also maa… Then i change myself to Virtual Teacher.. hiihiii..

Okay, for now i will share to you all one of the language that also use by Sarawakians-mostly the Bidayuh ethnic or they have been called as Land Dayak, that is BAHASA BIDAYUH.

About the Land Dayak or the Bidayuh ethnics-they are about few percentage of Sarawak populations, and their territory is at Kuching, Bau, Lundu, Serian and Padawan area(there might be some more places around this places that i didn’t mention here). And they also have about more than 5 sub-ethnic. Do they use the same language? Not definitely. They speak Bahasa Bidayuh, but it is not same… ?????

Why? Okay, this is how it go.. The Bidayuh Language will become different as you move by district to district or sometime from village to village!! As in Bau District, they call the Bidayuh Language as Bahasa Bidayuh Jagoi and Bahasa Bidayuh Singgai.. And in Bau it has more than 10 villages, and they speak different intonation and tones.. funny ha? Nope, for me, it’s the BEAUTY of the culture and language..

Now, here i share to you a simple one…

Bahasa Bidayuh Jagoi

BahasaBidayuhJagoi BahasaMelayu English
Okuk Aku/Saya I / Me
Ko-ih Kami We
Ingan Kamu You(polite way)
Man Makan Eat
Nuok Minum Drink
Ponu Jalan Walk
Ra-an Mahu Want
Iyoh/Yoh Dia / Ya(2 meanings) He/She or Yes
Katik / Datik Sini Here
Kanok / Danok Sana There
Obuok Habis Finish
Pi-in Air Water