English: A sarawakian-malay kampung house.

English: A sarawakian-malay kampung house. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A man from at the Central Market in ,...

English: A man from at the Central Market in , Malaysia, playing the sapeh, a stringed instrument similar to a . He was there to promote the Sarawak Cultural Village and the Rainforest Music Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m on this today… Well, did i mention to you all that i’m on a part-time course for my Tourist Guide licencing? Ya, i’m on it since last January 2013, which is a month ago. Well, i have to pay a sum of money of course, and i have to attend a night class from 7pm – 10pm everyday!! I’m study after working hours!! Sounds exhausting, right? It is, but i enjoy it because of a very experience Tourist Guide which teach us for this course. So aside from the night class, we also do FIELD TRIP, which we going to several tourism attractions in Kuching and learn how to guide at the certain place.

So today, this morning i and other classmates and our tutor- Miss Rose Au were on a trip visiting SARAWAK CULTURAL VILLAGE, our Sarawakian’s pride. Its a living museum concept which Tun Dr Mahathir giving the idea, and it is set up in 1999.

This Sarawak Cultural Village is something that is wonderful and unique.

1. Because it’s LIVING MUSEUM concept, which you can find people in the houses of the ethnics of Sarawak, Borneo!!

2. You may learn a bit about the story and the culture and the delicacies (of course!!) of the ethnics.

3. You may sway in the music during the daily cultural performance show at the cool air-cond theatre, or if you are brave enough, join the last dance with the other audience…

Well, a word is not enough for all of this story about our pride.. I’m going to upload the photos that i take today…

O0O00pppsss!!! I left my pendrive in the office la!!! Oh gosh, so i have to upload tomorro night, you all…

Wait for my next update ya… ^_^ I’m sure u all can’t wait for it, right??? Till next time.. See ya!!! MMuuaaahhhhsss…..


Sarawak (Photo credit: Peter576)


Rafflesia in Padawan Area

Rafflesia flower…is a parasitic flowering plants. Approximately about 28 species been reported discovered in Soth East Asia..Its including Malaysia…and Sarawak Borneo is a part of it, where the famous Rafflesia Flower protected area is in Gunung Gading National Park, in Lundu Sarawak..

20 July 2012…..Borneo Post newspaper reports that a new Rafflesia area been recognized in Padawan area, in Kampung Begu… Kampung Begu is about few kilometres from the Kota Padawan, and the Rafflesia site that had been discovered is just 5minutes from the road side… But aside from Kampung Begu, there is also a further up Padawan village that also have discovered Rafflesia area…

Today, 04 August 2012…I and my boss make a rekee trip with guidance by the Padawan Municipal Council Team and Sarawak Forestry officers were on our way to discover the new place.. Not the Kampung Begu, but Kampung Temurang, just a few minutes before from the Borneo Highland resort entrance.. We manage to discover about 7 buds of Rafflesia in a place, which they called as a population area..

Well, just enjoy the photos that i took just this morning…

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Bahasa Bidayuh (Land Dayak Language) PART 1

Hi again for tonite!!

Waahh, i’m so excited to share to you all what i know guys!! This makes me remember one of my childhood ambition-TO BE A TEACHER!! ;p Haahaa.. Cannot become teacher, i just share my knowledge here lah!! Same also maa… Then i change myself to Virtual Teacher.. hiihiii..

Okay, for now i will share to you all one of the language that also use by Sarawakians-mostly the Bidayuh ethnic or they have been called as Land Dayak, that is BAHASA BIDAYUH.

About the Land Dayak or the Bidayuh ethnics-they are about few percentage of Sarawak populations, and their territory is at Kuching, Bau, Lundu, Serian and Padawan area(there might be some more places around this places that i didn’t mention here). And they also have about more than 5 sub-ethnic. Do they use the same language? Not definitely. They speak Bahasa Bidayuh, but it is not same… ?????

Why? Okay, this is how it go.. The Bidayuh Language will become different as you move by district to district or sometime from village to village!! As in Bau District, they call the Bidayuh Language as Bahasa Bidayuh Jagoi and Bahasa Bidayuh Singgai.. And in Bau it has more than 10 villages, and they speak different intonation and tones.. funny ha? Nope, for me, it’s the BEAUTY of the culture and language..

Now, here i share to you a simple one…

Bahasa Bidayuh Jagoi

BahasaBidayuhJagoi BahasaMelayu English
Okuk Aku/Saya I / Me
Ko-ih Kami We
Ingan Kamu You(polite way)
Man Makan Eat
Nuok Minum Drink
Ponu Jalan Walk
Ra-an Mahu Want
Iyoh/Yoh Dia / Ya(2 meanings) He/She or Yes
Katik / Datik Sini Here
Kanok / Danok Sana There
Obuok Habis Finish
Pi-in Air Water

Bahasa Melayu Sarawak – English PART 1

Hi folks!!

Have you ever heard about Bahasa Melayu? I think you do…But what about Bahasa Melayu Sarawak? Never, right? Wonder how is it sounds like? Tonight i just wanna share to you about our Sarawakian language, the Bahasa Melayu Sarawak.. It  is wide-speaking across Sarawak (one of a state in Malaysia, located on the Borneo Island). What i share here is the basic words that we use in daily life. And we Sarawakians are proudly speak our languages too!! ;p

But first of all, did you know that it is not easy for a newcomer, lets say a person that is origins from Peninsular Malaysia that transferred to Sarawak, to learn speaking in Bahasa Melayu Sarawak in a short period? NOOO, TOTALLY NO!! It will takes them years to learn this language, eventhough they are speaking Bahasa Melayu itself!! Hurmm, why? I also puzzled about this.. And i think others too..

Well, here we start our PART 1…tadaaaa!!!!

Words & Meaning 

BahasaMelayuSarawak BahasaMelayu English
Kamek Saya I / Me
Kitak Kamu You
Nya Dia He / She
Sidak Mereka They
Sik Tidak / Tak No / Not
Aok Ya Yes
Maok Mahu Want
Makan Makan Eat
Jalan Jalan Walk
Keja Kerja Work
Abis Habis Finish
Sitok Sini Here
Sia Sana There

pssssttttt!!! ’till next time folks!! Will share the rest in PART 2…