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Ayesha’s back in da hauzz..

Purffff!! It’s been over a year since last i was in here.. Well, waddup everybody!! Hope there is somebody miss me and my entries.. been so busy with a lots of things goin on in my life!!

Well, here i am.. Strong, cute(hahaa), slim(am i?hehe) and with full of spirit me!!

Ermm, actually, everybody, i had something to tell you all.. Today is 8th April 2015, and we are waiting for big event going on in Kuching less than 24hours!!

It is AIFFA 2015, or know as ASEAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL which will be held in Kuching, venues at Sarawak Cultural Village and BCCK(Borneo Convention Center Kuching)..

It is an annual event since previous year.. But what special during this date is…jeng..jeng..jeng..!! RUNIING MAN is in da hauz!!! Yes, Running Man, the Korean Running Man members Jae Suk, Suk Jin, Ha-ha, Kwang-soo, Jong-kook, Gary and Ace Ji Hyo!!

For Running Man fans, it’s a big opportunity for you all to meet with your idols as well as other actress and actors all over ASEAn that join this event.. Come on!! I might be join the event at Sarawak Cultural Village, well, the entry is MYR30/person.. Or who ever with plump pockets and wallet, please join the AIFFA Award Dinner at BCCK on 11th April.. (huuuhuuu..i wish i could join the MYR500 dinner event on that night)..

Well, Running Man fans (me too!!) let’s feed our eyes with this awesome photos and videos of Running Man..


Meeeooowww!!!…It’s a Gastro of Kuchingites ^_^ (PART 1)

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Hello everybody!! Here again, after a long retiring year of 2014, here i am again!! Ooohh!! Did i forgot to mention to you all, i am one of the happy happy Kuchingites, with a happy happy tummy!! Yeah, in Kuching … Continue reading


English: A sarawakian-malay kampung house.

English: A sarawakian-malay kampung house. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A man from at the Central Market in ,...

English: A man from at the Central Market in , Malaysia, playing the sapeh, a stringed instrument similar to a . He was there to promote the Sarawak Cultural Village and the Rainforest Music Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m on this today… Well, did i mention to you all that i’m on a part-time course for my Tourist Guide licencing? Ya, i’m on it since last January 2013, which is a month ago. Well, i have to pay a sum of money of course, and i have to attend a night class from 7pm – 10pm everyday!! I’m study after working hours!! Sounds exhausting, right? It is, but i enjoy it because of a very experience Tourist Guide which teach us for this course. So aside from the night class, we also do FIELD TRIP, which we going to several tourism attractions in Kuching and learn how to guide at the certain place.

So today, this morning i and other classmates and our tutor- Miss Rose Au were on a trip visiting SARAWAK CULTURAL VILLAGE, our Sarawakian’s pride. Its a living museum concept which Tun Dr Mahathir giving the idea, and it is set up in 1999.

This Sarawak Cultural Village is something that is wonderful and unique.

1. Because it’s LIVING MUSEUM concept, which you can find people in the houses of the ethnics of Sarawak, Borneo!!

2. You may learn a bit about the story and the culture and the delicacies (of course!!) of the ethnics.

3. You may sway in the music during the daily cultural performance show at the cool air-cond theatre, or if you are brave enough, join the last dance with the other audience…

Well, a word is not enough for all of this story about our pride.. I’m going to upload the photos that i take today…

O0O00pppsss!!! I left my pendrive in the office la!!! Oh gosh, so i have to upload tomorro night, you all…

Wait for my next update ya… ^_^ I’m sure u all can’t wait for it, right??? Till next time.. See ya!!! MMuuaaahhhhsss…..


Sarawak (Photo credit: Peter576)

Pandelela oh Pandelela…

Pandelela oh Pandelela..

24th August 2012..The world is still talking about this young girl.. Because of she already make a surprise to the world that she already get the Bronze Medal in the Olympic Games 2012 in London.. Not only the world, but the media is still tracking on her story.. And not only the media, but ME tooo!!! ^_^..

Few days ago, Pandelela Renong Pamg comes home to Kuching with her mother and father, arrived at Kuching International Airport and also been welcomed by the Ministry of Sarawak and the officers, paraded on an expensive car through all the way to Kuching and to the Astana for a bestowal by the Sarawak State Government to her. In the ceremony, she has been rewarded with MYR60,000 and full scholarship for her to continue her study in Australia.. It really worth her!!

Aside from the grand welcoming for this Bidayuh Bau girl, there is also a rumors and some bad talk-kind of political comments that state government(or our CM-Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud) should reward her with a shop lot for her to make business and whatsoever.. Hmmmm, i think if for me, i would rather take the full scholarship reward to further study rather than the shoplot, coz for me education is the first thing has to come out rather than that “business thing”..

Other than that, at the ceremony, other 2 divers that also from Sarawak-Brian Nickson Lomas and Tracy also gets their reward for their effort to compete in the Olympic games.

Last night, the press also comes up with the story of Pandelela and Dato’ Lee Chong Wei gets their MYR100,000 each for their medal winning in the Olympic games.. wOW!!!!

(pssttt!!! i think with the money, Pandelela can buy the 3 shoplots for her mum and dad!!) ^_^

Rafflesia in Padawan Area

Rafflesia flower…is a parasitic flowering plants. Approximately about 28 species been reported discovered in Soth East Asia..Its including Malaysia…and Sarawak Borneo is a part of it, where the famous Rafflesia Flower protected area is in Gunung Gading National Park, in Lundu Sarawak..

20 July 2012…..Borneo Post newspaper reports that a new Rafflesia area been recognized in Padawan area, in Kampung Begu… Kampung Begu is about few kilometres from the Kota Padawan, and the Rafflesia site that had been discovered is just 5minutes from the road side… But aside from Kampung Begu, there is also a further up Padawan village that also have discovered Rafflesia area…

Today, 04 August 2012…I and my boss make a rekee trip with guidance by the Padawan Municipal Council Team and Sarawak Forestry officers were on our way to discover the new place.. Not the Kampung Begu, but Kampung Temurang, just a few minutes before from the Borneo Highland resort entrance.. We manage to discover about 7 buds of Rafflesia in a place, which they called as a population area..

Well, just enjoy the photos that i took just this morning…

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Rainforest World Musical Festival in Sarawak, Borneo

Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo, Malesia, statue di gatti

Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo, Malesia, statue di gatti (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

13-15 July 2012, as usual, Kuching Hotels and B&B’s room will be packed with Tourists all over the world!! And it’s actually a big annual event held in Damai area, in Santubong, where the Rainforest World Musical Festival take place.. This RMWF ( the shortform for the Rainforest World Musical Festival ) event is an annual event that held every year in Sarawak Cultural Village, a well known living museum that attracts a lot of tourist all over the world..

Every year, the famous musician all over the world will come and perform their music, includes Samuel Dass & Prakash, Mamadou Diabate, Cankisou, Hata and etc.. There is also a lot of Bazaar booths in the festival where you can find delicacies, drinks, beers, or things that you can bring home later as souvenir..

Entrance / permit fee per pax for the whole day and night- 10am till 12mnight is RM110 per person per day… But there is  some of the Damai hotels and resorts operators that offer package of 3days entry for RM300 per person…

Charming Cave

Gua Raya…Ever heard about it? Nope, right… This Gua Raya is located at Kampung Skuduk and Kampung Chupak, somewhere around Kuching-Serian road. A lot of people may heard about these two ‘kampongs’, but not many knows that this kampongs have their priceless treasure, the Gua Raya. The meaning of Gua Raya as per said by one of the kampong folks, that it means ‘Big Cave’, because inside is big and once upon a time was a hiding places of communists, and there is some history hidden in it. Ooops!!! Forget to mention, the cave name is actually according to BAHASA BIDAYUH LANGUAGE…The kampong people are Bidayuh ethnic…

Well, let me share to you this beautiful cave have fulfill my weekends with my colleagues and beloved hubby..(the cave is sooo dark, but luckily we have a very good camera)..

The maping


Inside the Cave




See how amazing it is? This cave is suitable for Adventure Caving, as in the cave a lot of big rocks to climb and don’t forget your gloves!!

^_^ OoOo

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All about me….

Hello guys!!

Let me introduce myself, yet, cause i’m a newcomer in this line…

Well, i’m a woman, still young and just 27 years old, but UN-single coz i’m a wife to Azmi bin Beruntong(hiihii…thinks he is very ‘beruntung’ for marrying me.. ;-p), and i’m a mom for a cute chubby little daughter.

My profesion…hmmm…i’m a Tourist Guide actually.. Based for one travel agency in Kuching, Sarawak.. So, basically later, my blogs is more on what i’m doing and where i’m going…And i will show to you some of the very interesting places that we have in Sarawak, or Kuching especially..

Well, folks…I think it’s time to go for now!! Sure i will update again in next post ya…Image