Yuuhuu everybody!!

Ayesha’s back in da hauzz..

Purffff!! It’s been over a year since last i was in here.. Well, waddup everybody!! Hope there is somebody miss me and my entries.. been so busy with a lots of things goin on in my life!!

Well, here i am.. Strong, cute(hahaa), slim(am i?hehe) and with full of spirit me!!

Ermm, actually, everybody, i had something to tell you all.. Today is 8th April 2015, and we are waiting for big event going on in Kuching less than 24hours!!

It is AIFFA 2015, or know as ASEAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL which will be held in Kuching, venues at Sarawak Cultural Village and BCCK(Borneo Convention Center Kuching)..

It is an annual event since previous year.. But what special during this date is…jeng..jeng..jeng..!! RUNIING MAN is in da hauz!!! Yes, Running Man, the Korean Running Man members Jae Suk, Suk Jin, Ha-ha, Kwang-soo, Jong-kook, Gary and Ace Ji Hyo!!

For Running Man fans, it’s a big opportunity for you all to meet with your idols as well as other actress and actors all over ASEAn that join this event.. Come on!! I might be join the event at Sarawak Cultural Village, well, the entry is MYR30/person.. Or who ever with plump pockets and wallet, please join the AIFFA Award Dinner at BCCK on 11th April.. (huuuhuuu..i wish i could join the MYR500 dinner event on that night)..

Well, Running Man fans (me too!!) let’s feed our eyes with this awesome photos and videos of Running Man..

Rainforest World Musical Festival in Sarawak, Borneo

Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo, Malesia, statue di gatti

Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo, Malesia, statue di gatti (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

13-15 July 2012, as usual, Kuching Hotels and B&B’s room will be packed with Tourists all over the world!! And it’s actually a big annual event held in Damai area, in Santubong, where the Rainforest World Musical Festival take place.. This RMWF ( the shortform for the Rainforest World Musical Festival ) event is an annual event that held every year in Sarawak Cultural Village, a well known living museum that attracts a lot of tourist all over the world..

Every year, the famous musician all over the world will come and perform their music, includes Samuel Dass & Prakash, Mamadou Diabate, Cankisou, Hata and etc.. There is also a lot of Bazaar booths in the festival where you can find delicacies, drinks, beers, or things that you can bring home later as souvenir..

Entrance / permit fee per pax for the whole day and night- 10am till 12mnight is RM110 per person per day… But there is  some of the Damai hotels and resorts operators that offer package of 3days entry for RM300 per person…