My Little Birthday Girl..

Well, today is 23rd June, and it’s my lovely little girl’s birthday!! 6th birthday actually.. Well, i think, as usual, today she will be more excited and start thinking what birth gift that we will give to her..hiihiii..actually when i call her yesterday and telling her that today is her birthday, she already feel excited..Her Birthday Present? Already think about it about last few months.. A sets of BARBIE doll.. Well, Baby(that’s what we call her) loves doll very mch, it’s just one thing that she always get bored of playing it and just leaving her dolls after she getting tired of it..So i change to give her Teddy Bears..Same thing goes to the teddy bears too-she just left it and don’t want to play with it anymore. So i stopped buying anymore and change to buy some coloring books that she loves until nowadays..About the Barbie doll sets, for this birthday, i consider and buy for her on this special day.

Well guys, will update soon on the next blog. Chow!