Back in Action!!!

Hello everyone!!

Seems a very long time i didn’t type a single word in my page LOL!!

Today is 15th February and yesterday was 14th February……-The Valentine Day- for everyone.. Well, speaking about the Valentine Day, is actually i have my own opinion about it, and i do thinks so to others…


Some people say it out!!! “oh my lollipop!!! make my heart go giddy up…you are as sweet as candy…you are my sugar dandy…”(hihiihiii..out of topic…)

Actually, some people nowaday celebrate a valentine day as a celebration to their loved ones…So during this day, they will bring their loved ones to hang out to the cinema, giving chocolates, roses, and etc..

My 0pINiOn..

Hehehe..for me, i never celebrate Valentine Day on 14th February, ok!!! I and my love lollipop hubby have our lover day for EveRyDay!!!! Yes, we celebrate it EVERYDAY!!! Because for us, we will appreciate our loved ones for the whole of our LIFE, and not just for 1DAY!!!…

But everybody has their own opinion, right? And that’s MINE!!! ^_^
Until Next blog, EVERYonE!!! Chow for now..